16 Aug 2010

Hurricane Katrina is 5 Years Old

Sunday, August 29th is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Five years ago a hurricane called Katrina devastated New Orleans like no other hurricane before. This hurricane caused the breach of the levees and the flooding of the city. Thousands died and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. It was the costliest disaster in our […]

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28 Apr 2010

Learn to Cook in New Orleans

If you are visiting New Orleans and you are tired of following the yellow brick road of tourism and you really want to dive into the culture here then how about a cooking class. This isn’t like cooking in the cafeteria, this is a cooking extravaganza. You will not only get to learn how fun […]

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12 Mar 2010

Hermann Grima Gallier Historic Houses

When you you think of sights you want to see and tours you would like to take in New Orleans, you may not think of the possibility of venturing into some of the oldest homes in the city. Not only are they historical, but the meticulous restoration process on these homes is like no other […]

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3 Mar 2010

The WAX New Orleans

Musee Conti Wax Museum New Orleans This is a great first stop for visitors of the French Quarter. Most people who come to the city from out of town want to learn the thick history of this land. I would highly recommend the WAX museum because it is a fun and exciting way to learn […]

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23 Feb 2010

Republic New Orleans

The Republic in New Orleans was the Howling Wolf pre-Katrina. It is an old warehouse that once stored coffee after being loaded off of the ships from the port. It still smells like coffee. It has a layout similar to the House of Blues. It is located in the Warehouse district which is a few […]

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15 Feb 2010

New Orleans Jazzy Jam 2010

Hotel Monteleone hosts another Jazzy Jam Week at their Carousel Bar. If you haven’t heard of the Hotel Monteleone then here is a little info. It is the oldest family run hotel in the French Quarter. They call it the Grand Dame of the French Quarter. It is located one block off of Bourbon. The […]

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