Hotel Monteleone hosts another Jazzy Jam Week at their Carousel Bar. If you haven’t heard of the Hotel Monteleone then here is a little info. It is the oldest family run hotel in the French Quarter. They call it the Grand Dame of the French Quarter. It is located one block off of Bourbon. The building is a historic landmark and it is said to be haunted like most old buildings in the French Quarter and it is my favorite place to stay downtown.

The Jazzy Jam Week is a full week of top New Orleans jazz artists performing live at the Carousel bar. The Carousel bar is a bar that is built like an old carousel. The bar actually rotates around while you drink. Yes, you can actually drink and spin around without getting sick. Check out the video here of the experience.

The schedule of local artists that will be playing at the Jazzy Jam Week can be seen here.

  • Fri. April 23th: Don Vappie
  • Sat. April 24th: Cindy Scott
  • Sun. April 25th: Cherie Mannino
  • Mon. April 26th: Big Daddy ‘O’
  • Tues. April 27th: Leroy Jones & Tom McDermott
  • Wed. April 28th: Jon Cleary
  • Thurs. April 29th: Sam Broussard
  • Fri. April 30th: Mitch Woods & Bill Malchow
  • Sat. May 1st: Lindsay Mendez
  • Sun. May 2nd: John “Papa” Gros

I took this schedule from the Hotel Monteleone’s website. For more information on the individual artists performing select the Jazzy Jam Week link.

If you are looking for a fun locals experience in the French Quarter then the Hotel Monteleone would be a good start. The music of the city is what really creates the culture here and this concert will not only give you a dose of the culture but it will also educate you on how jazz music has shaped this city. The artists in the Jazzy Jam Week are artists that you will also see at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival. This concert is not only a treat for visitors but for us locals as well.

If you are not staying at the Hotel Monteleone, which I recommend, then parking will be an issue. I recommend that you park at Jax Brewery and walk over to the Hotel. If you are hungry don’t worry because you will pass hundreds of great restaurants on your way in. If you are having a hard time picking one then try Mr.B’s which is across the street from the Carousel bar.

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