19 Jun 2010

The Shady Retreat, Bocage Plantation

Bocage translates to Shady Retreat. The plantation home was built in 1801 by I Marius Pons Bringier as a wedding gift to his daughter Francoise and her husband Cristophe Colomb, an alleged descendant of the famous explorer. Bringier, head of the wealthy and powerful Bringier family, owned several plantations along the Mississippi River in South […]

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18 May 2010

New Orleans Fine Arts History

The earliest known painter who worked in New Orleans was Jean Pierre Lassus, the surveyor-painter. But he did not remain long in the colony. His Veue et Perspective de la Nouvelle Orleans, painted in 1726, hangs on the walls of the French National Archives in Paris. Any portraits or scenes of New Orleans painted in […]

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