Sunday, August 29th is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Five years ago a hurricane called Katrina devastated New Orleans like no other hurricane before. This hurricane caused the breach of the levees and the flooding of the city. Thousands died and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. It was the costliest disaster in our countries history and you can still see the aftermath of the storm today in parts of the city.

The citizens of New Orleans have worked very hard to recover from such a disaster that almost ended the city that we all know and love. A big impact on the recovery was the football team the New Orleans Saints. In 2009, this past season, they won the first Superbowl for the city since their beginning. You can say that if you live in New Orleans you are a Saints fan. This team and its fans took advantage of the championship season to not only lift the spirits of New Orleans but to prove to the country that New Orleans is back in business.

New Orleans has taken another major blow with the recent oil spill. The financial¬† impact on the city has been very similar to that of hurricane Katrina. If you would like to help New Orleans survive another major hit please visit the city and enjoy all of the new and exciting gifts the “Big Easy” has to offer. Book a room at the oldest family run hotel in the French Quarter, the Hotel Monteleone and tour the deep history of New Orleans. You could also book a room at the Hotel Monteleone and watch a Saints game and then celebrate the victory at the Carousel Bar. We promise, once you visit, you will not want to leave. Give a gift to New Orleans, visit us soon!

Visit the Hotel Monteleone for what is going on for the 5 Year Hurricane Katrina Anniversary.


  • Message:when katrina hit louisiana lost my job move to columbus ohio were my family i start new tryingtome o find a job so we could move back it ben hard for us when you don’t have money to move back or a job to go to hurricane katrina too my home with 8ft water in our home thank god we have our life

    sidney lodrigue 27.Jan.2012 7:42 pm

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