Musee Conti Wax Museum New Orleans

This is a great first stop for visitors of the French Quarter. Most people who come to the city from out of town want to learn the thick history of this land. I would highly recommend the WAX museum because it is a fun and exciting way to learn the stories of our history.

New Orleans history is very intense. It is a significant figure in the beginning of America. The most fascinating piece of New Orleans History that I learned was that of the plans of Napoleon Bonaparte before the Louisiana Purchase. To make a long story short Napoleon was planning to take control of New Orleans and claim it as New France. He then would conquer the rest of the country as New France in the 1800′s. What stopped him was pure luck. Thomas Jefferson had no idea that Napoleon had these plans but he did send over his top negotiator Robert Livingston to buy New Orleans from the French. The luck that saved America from Napoleon was yellow fever. Napoleon had sent thousands of his troops along with his best commanders to take over the Caribbean island Santo Domingo and use the slaves and position to conquer New Orleans. When Napoleon’s army landed in Santo Domingo they met an angry population of people and the yellow fever. This was enough to devastate his army and force Napoleon to release New Orleans. Livingston just happened to be in the right place at the right time and bought, not just New Orleans from Napoleon and the French, but all of the land from New Orleans to Canada for 15 million dollars.

This story fascinated me when I first learned of it because it illustrates how significant New Orleans is to American History. To learn more great history from our great city head on over to the WAX Museum and take a tour. You will not be disappointed. Don’t be one of those visitors who comes here and doesn’t learn the history. I couldn’t imagine visiting New Orleans for the first or second time without learning some of its history.

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Michael Jackson at the Musee Conti Wax Museum

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