Donate Your Car of VehicleAhh, spring has finally arrived, the time of year where everything starts anew. The time of year when you finally decide to clean out the garage in a fit of spring cleaning. You’re tired of moving your “backup” vehicle, which you never use, in and out of the garage just to get the lawnmower out. But after that you’ve got to jockey it around with your daily drivers in the driveway. And you’re even more averse to spending yet another summer mowing around that clunker you’ve got sitting out in the back yard. Why not do away with these hassles and donate your car or vehicle to charity? What about that boat that you bought ten years ago, only to have it experience more heat waves behind the shed than waves in the water? Or that RV that’s languishing in your front driveway, an eyesore for the neighborhood and the source of a sore eye from your wife? These types of headaches are more-than-welcome donations as well.

Why Donate your Car or Vehicle this Spring?

Just imagine your daily driver safely stashed in the garage, protected from the elements and inclement weather of springtime. When the Weather Channel is issuing warnings for storms producing baseball-sized hail, you can just stay put on the couch, knowing that your vehicle is out of harms way. If you still had your other car sitting in the garage, you’d be frantically switching out one car for the other, or maybe trying to cover your car with a tarp, or even simply sitting and crossing your fingers in hope of avoiding any serious damage. By donating your car or vehicle, you can better take advantage of your precious garage space and also avoid costly repairs to a car or vehicle that you might use once in a blue moon anyway.

Here’s another scenario: you’re trying to fix a leaking pipe under the sink, but you need your crescent wrench. You walk out into the garage, and between yourself and the toolbox is an obstacle course consisting of that old motorcycle, your son’s old dirt bike, your riding lawnmower, and your boat with a rotting tarp on top. After contorting in ways you never thought possible simply to navigate the labyrinth of vehicles, you might realize that downsizing your stock through donation might be a pretty good idea this spring.

Logistics alone aren’t the only reason to donate your car or vehicle this spring. Donating can actually be quite lucrative—in the form of tax deductions. You could be free of your unused and/or unwanted vehicle in addition to saving money come tax time. And as if that weren’t enough, by donating your car or vehicle to charity you’ll be helping out those in need. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. Just be sure to look into the validity of your donation—there are lots of scams out there, so it’s best to donate to a trusted charitable organization.

How to Donate a car or Vehicle in the New Orleans Area:

The best way to donate your car or vehicle is through the Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans. This is a respected charity with firmly planted roots in Greater New Orleans, with 88 cents on each donated dollar going back to the needy right in your very own community. They are committed to providing donors with the maximum tax deduction and will mail a receipt for your donation within 24 hours, just in time for that other marker of springtime: tax day. The only requirements for donation are the keys and the title to your vehicle. For more information, you can visit or call (504) 525-2179.

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