CAC New Orleans

When I was a kid in school, I was put into the talented art programs in the public school system. You had to be screened and sponsored by a teacher to be apart of this curriculum. My favorite part about my art education at a young age was taking field trips to the Contemporary Arts Center in the Warehouse district in New Orleans. It was always a magical experience because it seemed like we took a trip to New York and we were experiencing an older and more sophisticated event. Every time I would walk into the building I knew that I was somewhere special. I don’t really remember much of the art on display but I do remember the smells of the center and the size of its galleries. I also remember all of the educational shows that they put on in the theater. The CAC is the perfect place to not only experience the warehouse district but to also see some local art or to attend an event and learn about the New Orleans history through its art. The CAC is definitely a must see attraction in New Orleans.

I recommend visiting the CAC not only for the local art but for the architecture of the building itself. This building really represents the heart of the warehouse district. It is also more than a hundred years old and the building is full of the history of the city. My other favorite part about this area of town is that the D-Day museum and theater is just around the corner. So you have a full day of stuff to see that will blow your mind. I recommend getting into this area early because there is more than a days worth of stuff to see. You can take the streetcar from any direction in the city to get into this area.

I recommend that you read the Hotel Monteleone’s review of the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans.

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