No one looks forward to writing a will, but one way to take some of the discomfort out of the process is by adding charity giving to your will bequest. Having the desire to help others is universal in that it comes naturally to most people regardless of race, creed or culture. The need to leave behind a legacy is also something that inhabits the hearts and minds of most people. Because of the hectic lifestyles of so many people today, charity giving often doesn’t get the place of priority that it deserves. It’s just too easy to get caught up in the day to day affairs of immediate obligations like work, family, and paying bills on time. By deciding to make a will bequest to charity, though, you can feel the pride of knowing you did something extraordinary and rest assured that the legacy behind you is one of generosity.

How to Choose the Right Charity for a Will Bequest

Before you begin, be prepared to do a little light internet research. There are many worthy causes from which to choose and you want to select the one that carries the most meaning for you. However, you also need to know that the charity organization you choose has a solid background with legitimate achievements. In this day and age, a charity that does not have an easily accessible web site will not make it very far. Promotion and awareness of their cause is absolutely vital to the success of any charitable objective, so a simple keyword search using terms like ‘Charity Giving’ or ‘Will Bequest’ should bring up several good choices immediately.

Another thing you’ll want to look for is how long the group has been around and what are some of their success stories. Legitimate charity organizations will want to boast about these things, so keep that in mind as you conduct your research. It’s usually a good idea to start with a group that has a local office so that you can more readily follow along with what they are doing. For many donors, this is also done out of a sense of loyalty to one’s community. If you are looking for ways to help veterans or foster children, you should be able to find a group that supports them in your area. Most national campaigns have offices in various cities all over the country, so don’t be discouraged! There are many sound organizations that help a long list of populations in need and they are eager to tell of their success!

When choosing which group is right for you there are two very important things you should know: first, if they are officially recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charity, as this will guarantee the security of your donation, and second, what percentage of their collections go toward they people they serve. This second piece of information is very important because there is no legal limit to how little a charity has to use actually helping others. This means that that actual amount given to recipients could be as little as 1% of all monies collected. The fact that charities are not obligated to give out this information will actually help you by looking out for groups that either minimize or ignore completely this telling detail. A charity that is truly legitimate will be proud of what they are doing and should volunteer this information as a selling point!

Create Your Legacy by Making a Will Bequest to Volunteers of America New Orleans

            Volunteers of America New Orleans has been proving aid and support to southern Louisiana residents for over 100 years. Visit Volunteers of America to learn about their programs that fund housing for veterans, mentors for children, food for families living in poverty, programs for persons with disabilities, and much more! An average of .88 cents of every dollar collected goes directly toward funding their many invaluable programs. Volunteers of America New Orleans will also guarantee that you receive the maximum tax benefits available for your donation, and their experienced staff can help you make a will bequest that helps as many people as possible while allowing you to choose what you would like to give, how you’d like to give it, and to whom it will be given. You can change someone’s life today! Call (504) 482-2130, or go to and get started!

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