Summertime is just around the corner, meaning that as the temperatures rise, the days extend, and the school year winds down, there will be plenty of time and opportunities to lend a hand throughout St. Tammany Parish during the coming months. Volunteering on the NorthShore can be as easy as helping out an organization for a day or two, or as involved as joining an organization as a permanent member. Either way, you will not only be helping others in need; you will help to bring your community together, to solidify your neighborhood, thereby fostering a more positive and welcoming environment for everyone involved. Volunteering in Mandeville, Louisiana; Slidell, Louisiana; and the surrounding areas is a great way to give back to the community this summer.

Why Volunteer on the Northshore?

The list of reasons to volunteer can be endless, but the bottom line is that serving your community is advantageous to both yourself and others. You will feel better about yourself after volunteering, in addition to the people whom you helped through volunteering, which in turn means that the community is a happier and better place. Imagine a neighborhood where nobody helps each other out. How could that even be called a neighborhood? It would merely be a collection of houses, a group of strangers that just happen to occupy adjacent parcels of land. What kind of fun is that? Summertime is about coming together, enjoying the company of others, getting to know each other better. Your weekend grill outs and barbeques will be enriched by the company of the people that you meet through your service to the community, be they fellow volunteers or the recipients of your help.

Parents: Not sure what to do with the kids now that they are out of school for the summer? How about getting them involved with a charity as volunteers themselves? Of course, kids are going to want to spend every waking hour playing video games, riding bikes, running around with their friends, playing sports, and all of those other fun things that they have not had the opportunity to fill their day with all school year. But why not give them a little structure during their few months of freedom? Not only will they be out of the house for a little while (giving you, or the babysitter, a much-needed respite), they will definitely learn and meet new friends as they serve the community.

Retirees: You are also extremely valuable volunteers on the NorthShore. Your wisdom, skills, and experience that you have accrued over your lifetimes are invaluable in helping others throughout Mandeville, Slidell, Covington, and the rest of St. Tammany Parish. You will feel great knowing that you can still make a strong impact on your very own community and gain even more wisdom and experience along the way.

Volunteering on the NorthShore

One organization that can utilize the services of all kinds of volunteers on the NorthShore is the Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans. This organization prides itself on serving over 63,000 people each year throughout 16 parishes. VOAGNO even has its very own Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), which gives seniors and retirees the chance to volunteer throughout St. Tammany Parish. For more information on volunteering on the NorthShore, please visit or contact Brenda Brown at (985) 674-0488 or

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