English Turn New Orleans

The English Turn in New Orleans is more than just a golf course to me. It is a little diamond in the rough, no pun intended. Ok, I didn’t realize the pun until I said it and now I want it to be intended. Anyways, I first visited the English turn when I was a kid. My Dad would always tell me about going to Pro-Ams with his father and watching the greats like Jack Nicholas and Jim Palmer. He made it sound so special that I couldn’t wait for the day that I got to have the experience. He finally took me to a Pro-Am where Jack Nicholas was playing who had just designed the English Turn course. I have to say that it was a fun experience but going to a Major League Baseball game had a bigger impact on me than Pro Golf. What still sits in my memory today about that time at the English Turn was the beauty of the course. I was use to playing golf on small courses and when I saw the English Turn I thought I was in Augusta. Today it is still an amazing course to see.

A bigger and stronger memory for me at the English Turn happened a little over two years ago. I have done some extra work on films here in New Orleans. I like the film business but wish I had better connections. I was asked to work as an extra on a film called, “I Love you Phillip Morris.” The main character is Jim Carey and I grew up a big fan of his comedy and movies. We I heard that I would get to be an extra on a film that he was working on, I signed up. I will never forget. It was a black tie affair that they where shooting and I was a party goer in a black tie. Well, all the extras had been sitting on set for about 6 hours and I was mingling with the same three people for that 6 hours. I got to know these 3 guys pretty well. The event was supposed to be a party for a big Texas corporation and Jim Carey was supposed to mingle up to us before he stepped over to the camera and shot a short scene. When I first learned of this I was really excited because my expectations was that of being one of six hundred extras in a stadium shot with Jim Carey in the distance. I never expected that I would be the closest person to the speaking characters near the camera. I also never expected what is just about to happen. Like I said we were sitting there waiting for lights, camera, action and all of a sudden, not paying attention, someone steps up next to me and joins in the conversation. It was Jim Carey. I was officially star struck. This was because you do not expect to see someone you have always seen on TV or in the movies right next to you. It was awesome and I got to spend the next few days working close to him. He works hard and he is a lot of fun on set.

The English Turn in New Orleans has been a very popular place for Hollywood to shoot films. This is because it is secluded from the city and it is amazing. Lots of land and beautiful homes and buildings. If you are visiting the city and want to get a understanding of the south outside of the city then this would be a great place to see.

For more information I recommend reading the Hotel Monteleone’s review of the English Turn Golf & Country Club.

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