Donate Your Vehicle, Donate your car, Donate to Charity OrganizationThere are many ways to go about donating your vehicle to different charities. There are also many things to think about before you donate your car. You need to make sure you pick a reputable charity organization and know who your vehicle is being donated to.

Some organizations available to donate your car to are actually turning around and selling the vehicle for profit and donating a portion of the money to charity. To be sure your donated vehicle is going to someone in need, there are some things you can do.

5 Things to Do First Before Donating Your Car to Charity

  1. You should check the Charity Navigator or Better Business Bureau web site to make sure you select a legitimate charity. Make sure your charity meets the Standards for Charity Accountability. These standards were developed to encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, to promote ethical conduct and advance support of philanthropy.
  2. You should consider choosing a local charity, one you are somewhat familiar with or have donated to previously. Choosing a local charity will make it easier for everyone involved.
  3. Talk to someone you know who has donated a vehicle and ask about their experience.
  4. Before you choose an organization to donate your vehicle, you should first figure out the Fair Market Value of your vehicle for tax deduction purposes. You can search Publication 78 on the IRS website to find out the specific guidelines for calculating the Fair Market Value of your vehicle. You must also take into account any accessories, the car’s mileage and the physical condition of the vehicle. Tax Law Regulations change every few years and so do deduction specifications. It is important to check with the IRS for any changes in tax laws regarding donation deductions.
  5. When donating your vehicle you should be certain to choose an eligible organization or your donation may not be tax deductible. Many taxpayers can’t take a deduction for their donated vehicle because they don’t itemize their deductions and choose to take the standard deduction instead. You should be given an IRS form 501c(3) to file with your taxes. There are also record keeping requirements that vary depending on the amount of deduction.

Although it may require a little homework on your part preparing to donate your used vehicle, there is another benefit besides tax deductions. For most people, knowing that you are helping someone in need makes you feel better about yourself and brings a sense of peace and happiness.

Donate your Vehicle to Volunteers of America

If you would like a recommendation for a charity organization that meets all of these requirement listed in this article than we highly recommend Volunteers of America New Orleans. Volunteers of America New Orleans services the Greater New Orleans area who can use all the help they can get post Katrina. If you have an old or new car that you would like to donate for a good cause then click this link here to Donate Your Vehicle to Volunteers of America New Orleans.

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