In Honor Gifts, In Memory Gift, LegacyGiving to charity is a timeless tradition that shows mankind at its finest. Anyone who has ever donated or volunteered will say that it is a very rewarding experience to see your efforts make a difference, but did you know that you can create a living legacy for yourself or a loved one by making an In Memory or In Honor Gift? You can spread the goodwill even further by including a personal hero of yours. What better way to set a good example and show someone how much they are loved than to create a legacy of goodwill in their honor?

Personalizing your In Memory Gift

            There are many ways to personalize your In Memory Gift, whether it is for your own living legacy or for someone dear to you whom you would like to honor. In the event that you are creating your own legacy, you can start by deciding who you would like to help. Perhaps you had a close friend who was adopted and you want to help other children who need a family or, maybe someone helped you as a child and you want to be sure that other children have the opportunity to have a mentor as well. In the event that you wish to honor someone you love or admire, the process will be similar. What made this person so special? Which qualities touched you so deeply? Choosing a recipient group is very fulfilling but you should keep in mind that this is simply a choice that is available to you and not a mandatory part of the giving process.

Whether or not you have a specific recipient group in mind, you do have to take stock of what exactly it is that you wish to donate. An In Honor Gift can be incorporated into a loved one’s funeral, for example, by asking for donations in lieu of flowers. Or, on a happier occasion, you might include the same request in birth announcements as well. We all seem to know that person or family who has everything, which makes it near impossible to select a gift on such occasions as birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, and the like. Consider starting an In Honor Campaign in which everyone can participate. The presentation of such a gift not only touches the person being honored but also has the added benefit of helping people who are truly in need of assistance in order to survive.

When planning your gift, keep in mind that the nature of an In Memory or In Honor Gift does not have to be financial. Of course monetary donations are always welcome, but consider that there are also many other choices when making a donation. A good charity should allow you to donate anything from vehicles to property, stocks or mutual funds, to life insurance or volunteer hours. Also remember that the right organization should offer an experienced professional to help cover all the options and assist you with planning and spreading the word. You should be able to structure your gift in such a way that it serves your purposes without becoming overwhelming or stressful.

In Memory and In Honor Gifts through Volunteers of America

            By making your In Memory or In Honor Gift through Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans, you will have the comfort of knowing that their capable staff will be there to guide you each step of the way. VOAGNO has been serving residents of southern Louisiana in 16 parishes for over 100 years, with programs assisting children, families, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Donations are tax deductible, easy, and secure, and an average of .88 cents of every dollar donated goes directly toward funding for their programs. To learn more about VOAGNO or to get started on your gift today, visit www.voagno or call (504) 482-2130.

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