23 Feb 2010

Republic New Orleans

The Republic in New Orleans was the Howling Wolf pre-Katrina. It is an old warehouse that once stored coffee after being loaded off of the ships from the port. It still smells like coffee. It has a layout similar to the House of Blues. It is located in the Warehouse district which is a few […]

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19 Feb 2010

Growing Up in New Orleans

By Norman Pourciau Growing up in New Orleans 1950-1960’s was a wonderful time for the formative years of children.  As a student and participant in the lifestyle and close family ties in this city  it has always, even till today, given so much to its inhabitants in culture, spirituality, and life’s lessons. There was so […]

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15 Feb 2010

New Orleans Jazzy Jam 2010

Hotel Monteleone hosts another Jazzy Jam Week at their Carousel Bar. If you haven’t heard of the Hotel Monteleone then here is a little info. It is the oldest family run hotel in the French Quarter. They call it the Grand Dame of the French Quarter. It is located one block off of Bourbon. The […]

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9 Feb 2010

New Orleans

Anyone who is from New Orleans will tell you that New Orleans is the best city in the country, but really, is it? What does New Orleans have that no other place in the USA doesn’t have? Being that it is carnival time, I have to start with Mardi Gras. Some cities have tried it […]

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